Classic Landscape – Arctic

As lovers of wild, remote places we have fallen in love with the stark simplicity of the arctic. So this has become by far our favourite destination.

This gallery contains a selection of landscape images from our travels in the arctic regions of Norway and Greenland


Greenland, a land of icebergs and Inuit’s. Conventional wisdom says Greenland is only visited by intrepid explorers’ like Amundson and a few hardy trekkers who come in the summer, but ordinary people like us just don’t go to Greenland in the winter. Well they do now!

Greenland in winter is a land of indescribable beauty, like staring into the soul of the earth, where icebergs of un-imaginable size are born. Capturing this beauty on camera proved to be a major challenge, especially as they were experiencing unseasonably cold conditions during our visit, but a challenge we relished.


We had long wanted to visit the Lofoten Islands off the coast off Norway to capture the arctic winter light. So, what started as a throw away comment one day, suddenly became a reality in 2012.
The village of Reine proved to be an ideal venue with unrivalled photographic potential right on our doorstep.

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