Tuition – Infra-red

Would you like to enter the world of the “unseen spectrum” and create ethereal images like these? If so, why not join Janet & Richard Burdon for an “Introduction to Infra-red photography”?

Infra-red photography takes you into a world beyond the visible light spectrum that the human eye can see and into a new world of glowing white vegetation and contrastingly stark black skies. Let your imagination run free, unshackled by normal photographic conventions and create some stunning and unique images.

The workshop will be half a day (Approximately 4 hours) and will be held at a location that is mutually convenient to both the pupils and the tutors.

Initially the workshops will be for a maximum of two pupils.

In the days of Infra-red film, it was notoriously difficult to get the correct exposure, but in the era of digital capture we now have the advantage of the histogram so that allows us to get correct exposure every time.

We will have two different types of digital camera available to use; one “un-converted” camera, fitted with an infra-red filter and one “dedicated” camera that only records infra-red images. Or why not bring along your own IR camera if you have one.

We will demonstrate the image capturing techniques with both cameras and you will also see the most effective way to capture stunning IR images. You will then be left to try the techniques for yourself and create some images of you own. You just need to bring along your own memory card. Later on in the workshop, we will venture into the fascinating world of IRCM, infra-red camera movement! Free your mind and try something totally different!

For those who require it, the workshop will finish with some instruction on processing the infra-red images.

Price £75/person

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