Gallery – Scotland – St. Kilda

St. Kilda is a place I’d been aware of for many years, but it was seeing a couple of television programs that brought it to the forefront of my mind, then in 2010 I got a chance to go on a day trip and was blown away with the feel of the place. The island is renown for its bad weather, but the day I visited was an un-characteristically warm bright sunny day, so I didn’t feel I’d captured the ‘spirit’ of the place, so I felt compelled to go again. I finally got a second chance in September 2013 and landed on another hot, bright sunny day!
By now I’d got the bug and was determined to do it justice, so I planned to return and camp for a few days in May 2014. Unfortunately, the weather turned against me the night before I left, leaving me with yet another day trip which ended with a truly stomach wrenching 5¼ hour return journey!
Un-deterred, the ‘bug’ was heading towards full blown obsession, so yet another trip in summer 2015 was planned. This time we got as far as queuing up on the pier before the trip was cancelled, so yet another trip in May 2016 was planned, but yet again the weather closed in and the trip was cancelled at the last minute.

By then my resilience had been tested to the limit and officially I’d quit this quest, but I had a feeling I might just try again one day…………and I did, I finally made it to St. Kilda in July 2017 and achieved my ambition and camped for a couple of nights!